Scuba Diving In The Maldives - Live Aboard Specialists In The Maldives

Sun Princess is a company that is elite, because we deal with all aspects of travel within the Maldives . The company has an extensive workforce that is very motivated and professional in their roles. The company was established in 2005, but our knowledge of the industry spans over 30 years, which we feel is more important to the customer, as then they can rest assured that they are dealing with a reliable team.

As a company, Sun Princess has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism and the Maldives Government.  We assure you that we shall at all times provide the highest standard of service to our valued clients.

The Company was established in 2005. Since then, we have grown in large proportions. We are not only a travel agency, but we run and own a 107ft luxury live-aboard boat (Dream Catcher II). Dream Catcher II is the only boat in the Maldives that has two keels, which gives her  added stability. Sun Princess specializes in inbound and outbound tours, domestic tours, group travel, business travel and all other areas of relevant tour operations.

We work directly with resorts, hotels, safari vessels and suppliers, in order to offer excellent rates and information to our guests.

We specialize in: Scuba Diving Safaris, Handling agents, Luxury cruise holidays and Sport fishing holidays & Beach holidays. Also, we are now dealing with many resorts for the beach holiday maker. We can also arrange Group, Conference and Governmental bookings.

Also, if any of our customers should need assistance whilst on holiday in the Maldives , we are here to help them at all times.

We are also a member of the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB).

Scuba Diving In The Maldives - Live Aboard Specialists In The Maldives